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February 11, 2019

How to Prevent Injury While Playing Basketball

How to Prevent Injury While Playing Basketball

Playing basketball is a great way to stay in shape while having fun and making friends it is not a sport that is played without some risks. While playing it is best to always strive to prevent injury, such as ankle injuries or knee injuries.  The three most common basketball injuries are ankle and foot, followed by hip and thigh, and then knee injuries.  Ankle Sprains are by far the most common type accounting for 43% of all basketball injuries. A sprained ankle occurs when the foot rolls inward or outward causing the ligaments in the ankle to stretch or tear from a sudden and unexpected movement. Hip and thigh injuries can occur when a player jumps, runs, or pivots while placing extra strain on the legs. Finally, knee injuries can either be severe, such as an ACL tear, or minor like a sprain or strain to the knee joint.

prevent Injury such as ankles injuries, & knee injuries while playing basketballWith basketball, as well as all sports, prevention of injury is key.  To prevent foot and ankle injuries, the player needs the right kind of foot support. A good quality basketball shoe as well as taping up your ankle before a game can go a long way for staying on the court. To prevent hip and thigh injuries, do some good stretching and warming up before the start of every game and practice.  For your knees, the best prevention is building stronger leg muscles. Working out when you are off the court will help strengthen the muscles that support the knee joint. Also, if your knees are prone to injury, always wear a knee brace when playing.


How We Can Help

If you are injured playing basketball, start with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (the RICE protocol).  When your pain does not subside after using RICE, it’s time to head to the Express Care Clinic at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group.  In some cases, the injury is still apparent after a few weeks, or the patient is a serious athlete who wants to avoid diminished performance or a risk of reinjury. For these instances it is important to consult a specialist who can effectively diagnose the injury and suggest treatment and rehabilitation options. Call us today if you think you are dealing with a foot, ankle or knee injury.

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