How Can We Help You?

At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, we specialize in a wide range of orthopedic treatments. Whether you are suffering from a fracture, sprain, tear, or arthritis, our orthopedic physicians can help you find relief from a variety of disorders affecting the bones, cartilage, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

General orthopedics is the basis of all other subspecialties. Our general orthopedic doctors can address any illness or injury that affects your musculoskeletal health, starting with the most conservative treatment options. Click here to learn more about general orthopedics, and arthroscopy. Learn more about our areas of expertise below, and contact CSOG for an appointment today.

Areas of Expertise

Where Is Your Pain?

Hand, Elbow, or Shoulder

Problems with the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder require specialized care because of the intricate network of blood vessels and nerves, as well as the delicate balance of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Our hand and upper extremity specialists bring many years of combined experience to the treatment of disorders and injuries of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder.

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Hip or Knee

Our hips and knees bear our full body weight while allowing for an incredibly wide range of motion, making them susceptible to injury and arthritis. The sports medicine and joint replacement specialists at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group can help you find relief from painful hip and knee problems with a wide variety of non-surgical and surgical options. Let them put their experience to work for you.

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Foot or Ankle

The human foot combines complexity and strength and literally grounds us. The average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. These steps cover several miles and add up to 115,000 miles in a lifetime – more than four times the circumference of the globe! The ankle provides foundation and acts as a shock absorber, as well as a mechanism for propulsion.

Are painful problems with your feet or ankles slowing you down? At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group our foot and ankle specialist focuses on nothing but helping people overcome foot and ankle problems utilizing the latest options in non-surgical and surgical care.

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Millions of people live with chronic back pain. At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group we provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatments for back pain and problems. Featuring four fellowship-trained and experienced spine surgeons, we provide leading-edge care that looks at the whole person. Our specialists understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to spine problems, and they empathize greatly with patients who are suffering.

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Specialized Treatment Options

Treatment for orthopedic conditions is highly individualized, however when applicable, our specialists opt for conservative treatment options prior to surgery. With this, it is important to note that some injuries must be treated surgically before proper healing can take place. If this is the case, your specialist will ensure your full understanding of why and how the procedure will take place. If you’re looking for quick relief from an injury, fracture care, long-term relief from chronic pain, or orthopedic surgery, Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group is proud to offer the highest quality care in Southern Colorado. Below you will find many of our areas of expertise.

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