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September 13, 2021

What is an MRI and When is an MRI Needed?

What is an MRI & When is an MRI Needed?

Welcome to a Medical Minute segment with Dr. David Matthews a board-certified physician at the Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group as he discusses what is an MRI is & when MRIs are needed.

What is an MRI?

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a way of using magnetic gradients and radio waves to capture images within specific areas of the human body.

When does a patient need an MRI?

Dependent upon the location and severity of an injury, there are cases where an x-ray image cannot detail the condition of soft tissues such as ligaments or tendons. Therefore, your physician may order an MRI to deeper evaluate the condition of such tissues.

How are they used in orthopedics?

MRIs are often ordered by your physician soon after your initial evaluation to capture detailed images of the injured body part and assist your physician with developing your individualized treatment plan.

An MRI machine to see what an MRI is and when an MRI is needed

What are the risks of an MRI?

As MRI machines are comprised of extremely high-powered magnets, it is required to remove any metals from your body prior to entering the machine. This may also include any implants or pacemakers therefore, it is crucial for patients to inform their physician and MRI technician of any implanted devices prior to scheduling an MRI. If the metal on your person is removable and all metal objects are removed prior to entrance, then the risks of having an MRI are minimal. Please call our MRI department at 719-867-7315 with any questions you have or to schedule your appointment.

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