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September 17, 2021

Nevro Testimonial

by Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group in Pain Management, Spine Care

Nevro Testimonial

Below is a Nevro Testimonial about pain management and the results possible.

“Thanks to HFX*, I no longer manage my day based on when I need to take the next pain pill,” said John, whose back pain began in 2003 when he was injured while overseas with the military. In 2016, thirteen years after his initial injury, John underwent a spinal fusion but was then in a serious car accident that caused his back and leg pain to return.

John had been an active guy who played competitive hockey, participated in highly physical activities during his military career and kept up with his four young children. “However, my progressive back and leg pain reduced my activity level to almost nothing,” John explained. “I had to walk with a cane and take medication to control my pain level.”

John was eventually referred to Dr. Roger Sung, who recommended an HFX trial. “I had such significant pain relief during my April 2019 trial that it was like night and day,” John said.” I was even able to drastically reduce my doses of pain medications.” John moved forward with his HFX implant in June 2019.

“I have had 60-70% pain relief consistently with HFX and no longer walk with a cane or take medication,” John said. “I have truly regained my life with HFX.”

This is just one Nevro Testimonial. Learn More at www.NevroHFX.com

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Results may vary. Important safety & risk information: www.nevrohfx.com/safety

*HFX is a comprehensive solution that includes a Senza spinal cord stimulation system and support services for the treatment of chronic pain

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