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April 26, 2020

5 Tips For How To Choose the Right Doctor

5 Tips for How to Choose the Right Doctor

Choosing a doctor that you are comfortable with and confident in is a very important decision for your health. Like most important life decisions, making an informed choice can take some investigation and effort. Your time will be well spent when you follow these five tips on how to choose the right doctor for you.

1. Talk to family and friends

Finding the right doctor can be as simple as asking people you trust for their recommendations. Your friends and family members may have experience with the type of doctor you are looking for. Remember though that all people are different, and the perfect doctor for your best friend may not be the perfect fit for you as well.

2. Check on insurance coverageImage of Doctors

Once you have a few names on your list, check with the providers to be sure their office accepts your insurance plan. This can easily be accomplished by calling the doctor’s office or your insurance carrier. Leaving out this important step can put an unexpected bill in your mailbox.

3. Consider location

While you may be willing to travel farther for a renowned specialist, you should still consider driving time when looking for a new doctor. If you will have frequent appointments, you may not want to make a long commute to visit your doctor’s office. You’re also much more likely to keep appointments with a provider that is conveniently located near where you live or work.

4. Research the quality of care

The most important question to answer when deciding how to choose the right doctor is how confident are you in their quality of care. You can use the website Certification Matters to find out if the doctor you are considering is board certified. Board-certified physicians must pass comprehensive exams as well as stay up to date on advancements in their field of expertise. This ensures your doctor is on the cutting edge of recent studies and technology and can provide you the best care possible.

5. Call the doctor’s office

Now that you’ve narrowed down your search to a few providers, give each office a call. Is the receptionist friendly and attentive? Did you experience a long hold time? Are they booked out very far in advance? These are important things to consider when deciding on a new provider.

We can help you with how to choose the right doctor

Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group has specialists to meet all of your orthopedic needs. Our orthopedic physicians are board-certified or board-eligible and fellowship-trained in many subspecialties including sports medicine, foot & ankle, spine, hand & upper extremity, trauma, and joint replacement. With this breadth of knowledge and expertise, we have you covered from head to toe.

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