What are the signs of needing a hip replacement?

Living with chronic hip pain can be exhausting and frustrating. The hip is one of the most commonly replaced joints, and osteoarthritis is the main reason for hip replacement surgery. A bad hip can limit your ability to do the things you enjoy as well as complete simple activities of daily living. But how do you know what are the signs of needing a hip replacement? The specialists at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group have seven tips to answer this question.

  • Doctor with patient experiencing hip painDo you have hip pain when you are active? Does the pain lessen when you rest?
  • Do you have delayed hip pain that comes on after an activity and lasts for a few days?
  • Does your hip pain wake you at night?
  • Do you have bone on bone arthritis in your hip joint as shown by X-ray?
  • Do you have swelling and inflammation in your hip?
  • Do you have stiffness in your hip that inhibits your ability to do basic daily activities?
  • Do you avoid activities you enjoy because you know it will lead to pain?

If you answered yes to many or all of these questions, it could be time for a hip replacement.

The specialists who can answer what are the signs of needing a hip replacement

In general, doctors will start with the least invasive approach before deciding on surgery as the method of treating your hip pain. This can involve weight loss, steroid injections, pain medication, or physical therapy. Once you have tried all of the non-invasive options, the specialists at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group can find the surgery that best suits your needs. There are two types of total hip replacements: traditional and anterior approach. In both procedures, the ball (top part of the femur, or leg bone) and hip socket are replaced. What differs between these two procedures is the placement of the incision, which can be on the side or front (anterior) of your hip. Using computer-assisted surgery, our total joint experts can ensure the proper positioning of your hip implant.

When you need a hip replacement, you are in good hands at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group. Living with constant hip pain can lead you to become withdrawn and depressed. If you are a candidate for hip replacement, our joint reconstruction specialists are here to help.

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