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May 24, 2021

Weightlifting After Shoulder Surgery

by Admin in Physical Therapy

Weightlifting After Shoulder Surgery with Matthew Kudron

Welcome to a Medical Minute segment with Matthew Kudron, Physical Therapy Supervisor at the Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group located off Briargate Parkway. The video below will cover the recommended timeframe and physical therapy needed to return to weightlifting after shoulder surgery.


Common Shoulder Surgeries

Common shoulder surgeries include rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs, and total shoulder replacements. Within these different surgeries, there are different timeframes in which a patient may return to activities such as weightlifting and high-intensity upper body activities. The progression through recovery after shoulder surgery may vary. However, a typical timeframe one can begin increasing their activity intensity, specifically with overhead weightlifting after shoulder surgery, can range between three to six months. We strongly recommend diligently following all physical therapy protocols prescribed by your physician and physical therapist to ensure proper recovery.

Recovery Milestones

Within these protocols prescribed by your physician and physical therapist, there are three main recovery milestones that need to occur before getting into weightlifting after shoulder surgery. The first is tissue healing, the second is achieving full range of motion and the third is building full strength of both the rotator cuff and the muscles that help stabilize the shoulder blade.

Male patient lying on a bed performing physical therapy weightlifting after shoulder surgeryWeightlifting Exercises After Shoulder Surgery

Some of the exercises that are generally safe after shoulder surgery include bicep curls, triceps pulldowns, and rotator cuff exercises. However please follow your physical therapist’s instructions prior to attempting any of these exercises. Some exercises to avoid are those exercises where you cannot see your hands, such as a triceps dip exercise, or exercises where your arms are in a position extended away from your body or in a wide-grip position. These exercises may put the shoulder in a vulnerable position as demonstrated in the video above.

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