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March 25, 2019

What To Expect With Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

What to Expect with Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Total shoulder replacement is helpful for those experiencing severe pain and stiffness due to degenerative joint disease or arthritis. When the Shoulder Replacement Surgery to relieve shoulder painnormally smooth cartilage in the shoulder joint disappears, this creates a bone-on-bone situation causing significant pain while also limiting movement. Shoulder replacement surgery is advised when:

  • Your pain cannot be controlled with injections or anti-inflammatory medications.
  • You experiencing stiffness and loss of motion.
  • You experience a grinding sensation when you move your shoulder.

Tests such as a series of X-rays, an MRI, and/or a CT scan will be used to assess the condition of the shoulder.  When surgery is advised, the first goal of shoulder replacement is pain relief while the secondary goal is to restore strength, function, and range of motion to the shoulder joint.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Total shoulder replacement surgery involves replacing the ball (humeral head) with a new metal ball and replacing the socket (glenoid) with a new plastic socket.  Having metal on plastic, rather than metal on metal, allows the new joint to function smoothly and without the pain associated with the damaged joint.

Recovery from Shoulder Surgery

After surgery, your shoulder will be in a sling, but you will have the use of your hand and wrist. After about six weeks of recovery, your whole arm will be able to handle light use.  During this recovery time, physical therapy will be necessary to rehabilitate your muscles and tendons. It will take several months to regain complete and pain-free use of your shoulder.

Cost of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

A total shoulder replacement surgery is a costly procedure.  The bill can range anywhere from $6,000 to $22,000.  The average price is $12,000.  Thankfully, most insurance companies will cover a large portion of this cost.

At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, we have several excellent surgeons available to perform this surgery including:

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