Orthopedics and Prosthetics Colorado Springs: Caring for our Military

The Colorado Springs area is home to several military installations. At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, we are proud to be of service to these men and women just as they have been to our country. For years our doctors have provided these soldiers, veterans, and their families with orthopedic care and specialty services such as high quality prosthetics for amputees. Whether troops just returning from war or veterans of wars long past, at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, we treat all types of acute and chronic orthopedic injuries, from complex combat injuries and loss of limbs, to back pain, sprains, and everything in between.

Orthopedics Colorado Springs

Doctor and patient with orthopedic leg braceA military career is a rewarding one that may bring with it different injuries and chronic conditions. From jumping out of planes to running with heavy packs, the life of a service man or woman is hard on a body. At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group we have the specialists to help. These include:

Our trained physicians will treat you with compassion and respect and can offer the highest quality of care for orthopedics Colorado Springs.

Prosthetics Colorado Springs

Audubon Orthotic & Prosthetic Services has been providing quality care to the residents of Colorado Springs since 2000. The staff is highly qualified and ready to serve our military veterans with personalized care in a timely manner and in a comfortable environment. The specialists at Audubon understand how devastating it is to lose a limb. They are able to help patients regain their function and self-confidence with a high quality, durable prosthesis. Within their expansive state-of-the-art lab, they can design, fit, and fabricate custom prostheses for the lower extremity (leg) and upper extremity (arm). For prosthetics Colorado Springs, Audubon is the the leader in this field.

Caring for our Military

At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, our care goes even further than simply treating injured troops. We know that a debilitating injury affects the whole family, and we work with all family members – even extended relatives who may be caregivers – to help everyone adjust after a loved one comes home with these types of injuries. To help restore function, mobility, and independence, we also provide world-class rehabilitation. Our physical and occupational therapy programs are tailored for each individual to meet his or her goals. Give us a call today so we can get you back on the road to recovery, and thank you for your service!

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