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August 10, 2020

Safety Tips for Kids Playing Sports

Safety Tips for Kids Playing Sports

Your young athlete is learning valuable skills, having fun and staying fit. Most parents encourage their children to engage in sports for all of these benefits. You may also be concerned about how to keep your child injury free this season. Follow these safety tips for kids playing sports, and your child will get the most our of their sports activities.

Kids playing sports need protective gear

kids playing team soccerProtective gear is the first line of defense in preventing injury for kids playing sports. Of course that gear will be different depending on what sport your child plays. Protective gear may include:

  • Helmet
  • Cleats
  • Pads
  • Eye protection
  • Athletic cup (for boys)

Your child’s coach should let you know what protective gear you will need.

Always warm up

It’s never a good idea to hit the field or court without warming up first. Your child should start with a light jog and then do some stretching before every practice and game. In team sports, most coaches will have the kids warm up together. For individual sports, you may need to lead your child in a warm-up routine.

Know how to play the game

When all the players know and follow the rules of the game, fewer injuries occur. This is where practice comes in. The more children practice their chosen sport, the better they will be at following the rules, staying in the game and off the sidelines with an injury.

Kids playing sports must look out for others

It’s important for your child to be aware of his or her teammates while playing. This can be accomplished by being courteous of the other players, listening to the coach, and being aware of surroundings. It is also important for kids playing sports to communicate with their teammates. For example, yelling “I got it!” when going in to catch a baseball can prevent a collision with the other players.

Never play while injured

Unfortunately, even when you follow the above tips, injuries can still happen. Kids playing sports may be tempted to push through and keep playing with an injury. Be sure to give your child time to heal before returning to their sports activities or the injury may become worse. This can end a fun season for your child.

Specialists in sports injuries

When the unthinkable happens, and your child is injured while playing sports Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group is here to help. With an onsite x-ray machine, our Express Care Clinic is available for your urgent care needs. Our specialists in the sports medicine clinic will also treat your child and get him or her back to the sports they love.

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