Orthopedic Trauma & Fracture Care in Colorado Springs

Trauma can occur from any injury resulting in enough force to cause a fracture or significant damage within the body and care for simple fractures may require only casting or splinting. Common causes of fractures include motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and falls. Care for severe, complex fractures often require surgical intervention.

The types of orthopedic trauma & fracture care we see include but are not limited to:

Young girl wearing an arm brace seeking trauma & fracture care

  • Non-healing fractures
  • Fractures with deformity/angulation
  • Fractures of the pelvis and acetabulum (hip joint)
  • Joint (intra-articular) fractures
  • Foot and ankle fractures
  • Post-traumatic reconstruction

Every physician at Colorado Springs Orthopedic Group is trained to treat all types of traumas and fractures. After a thorough examination of the injury, your physician will order the appropriate imaging, such as x-rays or an MRI, to appropriately diagnose and develop a treatment plan best suited for the injury. Each treatment plan is customized to every patient and the needs of their injury.

For the highest quality orthopedic trauma & fracture care in El Paso County, call Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group at (719) 632-7669.

Need to be seen today? Walk into our Orthopedic Urgent Care clinic, Express Care for immediate examination performed by one of our board-certified orthopedic trained Physician Assistants. With limited wait times and on-site imaging services, our Express Care team can have you on the road to recovery quicker and at a much lower cost than the ER. After your initial examination, you’ll be scheduled with one of our fellowship-trained orthopedic physicians to further discuss your customized treatment plan. Call 719-622-4550 or visit us at https://www.csog.net/express-care to learn more.

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