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January 26, 2019

Urgent Care Colorado

Urgent Care Colorado: Orthopaedic Walk-In Clinic Pricing

When you are in pain or injured and need urgent care right away, choosing where to seek medical attention can be a stressful and complicated decision.  There are three main options for treatment: Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic, Express Care, and Emergency Room. For each of these options, the care provided as well as the pricing will vary greatly.

Emergency Room

First, when should you seek treatment at an Emergency Room?  As the name suggests, this is the place for genuine emergencies.  The care provided at the ER is meant to stabilize and treat urgent medical situations.  The providers assess patients as quickly and effectively as possible in order to save lives.  However, the triage system at the ER allows for those needing immediate attention to be seen first.  For this reason, if you arrive at the ER with a sprained ankle, for example, you will be a much lower priority to be seen. At the emergency room you are also exposed to a host of contagious germs. Some situations that necessitate a trip to the ER are chest pain, bleeding that won’t stop, loss of consciousness, and severe burns.  The cost associated with a trip to the ER is also quite high.

Urgent Care

An Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic handles less serious complaints, but those that should be treated within 24 hours. The Urgent Care is the right place to go for allergies, sinus infection, headache, and cold or cough.

Express Care

Little Girl with Arm in a Sling after visiting orthopedic Urgent Care in Colorado SpringsColorado Springs Orthopaedic Group’s Express Care walk-in clinic is a unique option for bone and joint injuries. At our clinic there is less waiting which means you can stop the pain sooner and start healing faster. Express is a specialty copay which is usually less than urgent care facilities, and the cash pay program is significantly lower than both an urgent care or the emergency room. With the CSOG Express Care clinic you have direct access to specialists in bone, muscle and joint injury care. There is also less risk of contact with possible contagious germs found in emergency care centers. At our Express Care clinic we treat all of the following:

So when the unexpected happens, now you can go directly to our new Express Bone & Joint Injury Care Center with no appointment! Call (719) 622-4550 to learn more.

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