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July 27, 2020

Finding Meaning in Daily Rituals

Finding Meaning in Daily Rituals

We all have our own routines: the way we prepare a meal, get ready in the morning, or wind down before bed. Our daily choices create our future. But what makes the difference between a daily routine and a daily ritual? It’s all about mindfulness.

Daily Rituals Versus Routines

Pouring a cup of coffeeYour daily routine may feel like it’s controlling you. It’s the long list of tasks you must complete every day from getting the kids to school, to going to work, then making dinner and getting everyone to bed. If you are mindful about the simple steps in this process, you can turn your routine into a ritual that you control. When you create daily rituals, you allow the small steps in your day to take on greater significance. This can add happiness and meaning to your daily life.

Creating Positive Rituals

The same tasks performed every day in the same order can be considered either daily routines or daily rituals, it all depends on your frame of mind. How can you give those things the meaning needed to make the transition into becoming a pleasing ritual?

  • First you need the right perspective and attitude. Instead of negative self-talk, change your inner dialogue to something positive that you can repeat daily.
  • Instead of mindlessly completing your tasks, really focus your attention on your actions. Involve all of your senses in whatever you are doing.
  • Focus on the bigger picture of why your daily rituals are important to your life. Every action you complete in a day has a benefit somehow.

By being intentional about these steps, you can bring meaning to your day and enjoy greater productivity and an elevated mood.

Daily Rituals with Physical Therapy

If you have an injury or are recovery from surgery, physical therapy may be part of your daily routine. Turning your prescribed exercises into a daily ritual can not only bring you more satisfaction, but also speed the healing process. Whey you are more invested in physical therapy, you get better results. The specialists at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group can get you connected with someone in our physical therapy clinic to help you on your healing journey.

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