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Sports Related Injury Rehabilitation
Functional Movement and Return to Sport Therapy
Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation
Acute Injury Rehabilitation
Balance and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
Gait Training
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Meet the CSOG Physical Therapy East Team

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Zach Dreyer, DPT – Bio Coming Soon

Nick Wohkittel, DPT CSOG PT East

Nicholas Wohkittel, DPTbelieves his primary duty as a physical therapist is to help his patients return to the activities that make life meaningful to them. He achieves this by actively listening to his patients to ensure their individual needs, beliefs, motivations, and time are considered when he develops a treatment plan. Nick is a firm believer that exercise is medicine and that the greatest benefits in therapy come from focusing on long term changes through regular physical activity that patients enjoy and high-quality education. He is dedicated to ensuring his patients understand their diagnoses and how each treatment works to address their goals because therapy works best when patients believe it will help them. Nick is trained in dry needling and has strong hands-on skills and loves to see how quickly these treatments can improve a patient’s pain and function when combined with exercise.  He wants therapy to be as fun as possible and not just another doctor’s visit. 

Nick is an avid rock climber, traveler, and thrill seeker. He plays three instruments and is an unapologetic nerd when it comes to books and games. He recently moved to Colorado with his girlfriend and their two cats and is looking forward to getting a dog he can take into the mountains.  He is always on the lookout for new experiences and hobbies to become obsessed with. He loves to learn about his patients’ passions and encourages them to share during their appointments if they are comfortable with it.  


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