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June 29, 2021

The Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program

by Admin in Bone Health

The Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program

As Part of Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group’s Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program,
our fellowship-trained joint replacement specialists will provide you with the
most comprehensive treatment possible to help you return to your active lifestyle.
We are here to help you get back out there, doing the things you love to do.

When you first visit us at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, you’ll be introduced to our clinical team consisting of your Physician, Physician Assistant, Medical Assistant, Surgery Scheduler, and Case Manager. As part of the Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program, this group of individuals will be your direct line of contact to answer any questions or concerns you may have as you continue throughout your entire recovery process.

During your initial consultation, your physician will discuss recommended treatment options with you and design a comprehensive treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery. Our physicians will exhaust all conservative treatment options prior to recommending surgery. However, in severe cases or cases where conservative treatments have not provided adequate pain relief, surgery may be deemed necessary.

  • Schedule your inital consultation with one of our fellowship-trained Orthopedic Joint Specialists by calling 719-632-7669.
  • Consult with your physician for a proper diagnosis and recommended next steps. Our Total Joint Physicians will exhaust all conservative treatment measures prior to discussing surgery if your case allows.
  • If all conservative treatment options have been exhausted and your pain is still significant, surgery may be recommended. At this time you will be introduced to your case manager who will help you prepare for a smooth procedure and be your patient advocacy contact.
  • After surgery, you will be introduced to your post operative recovery team, including your lead physical therapist who will be with you every step of the way from the moment you leave the operating room to your post operative rehabilitation journey.

“Whether it’s from a recent surgery or surgery from years ago, our Comprehensive Joint Replacement Specialists can correct even the most complicated Total Knees and Total Hips.”

Our Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program Teams:

Clinical Team
Surgical Team
Post Operative Recovery Team

Specializing in:

Inpatient vs Outpatient
Total Joint Replacements
Accelerated Recovery
Joint Replacements

Arthritis and MAKO
Robotic Assisted Joint
Replacement Surgery
Complex Joint Revisions

Arthritis Team and MAKO Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery Complex Joint Revisions
Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program Specialists

What to Expect Pre-Operation

Have you ever walked into the hospital or medical practice intimidated and unsure of who would be taking care of you? Not anymore.  At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group you can expect to know exactly who to contact every step of the way. During your initial consultation, your physician will discuss your symptoms, order any appropriate imaging from our in-house MRI and X-Ray services, and diagnose your symptoms with the highest standard of education and care for your lifestyle. From here, you can expect to either:

a) Try various conservative treatment methods such as Physical Therapy, weight loss, or injection therapies.

b) Discuss surgical options dependent on the severity of your symptoms.

If surgery is the chosen path, our clinical team will work with your insurance to find the best options available and ensure you are ready to go upon the day of surgery. It is highly important to communicate with your clinical team and ask any questions or concerns you may have and diligently follow instructions as provided.

What to Expect Post- Operation

Within 24 hours after your surgery, you will be introduced to your Physical Therapist Lead who will guide you through initial rehabilitation exercises. At this time, you will be prescribed at-home exercises that are critical to a smooth recovery.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Recovery

Inpatient Surgery means that you will stay a minimum of one night in the hospital or surgery center under the watchful eye of your nursing team.
Outpatient Surgery provides the capability for you to recover within the comfort of your home the day of surgery, eliminating facility fees and the stress of staying in an unfamiliar area.

Bones Horizontal

Case Management

Every patient in the Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program is dedicated to one of our board-certified Case Managers. They will be your direct patient care advocate from your initial consultation to graduation from post-operative Physical Therapy.

“Within about 24 hours after surgery, I never had another need for crutches, a cane, walker, anything like that and it has been absolutely fantastic.”

Accelerated Recovery Joint Replacements

One of the primary focuses of the Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program is to have patients mobile within hours after their surgery. Over the course of the last 10-15 years, advancements within surgical techinques such as smaller incisions and the anesthesia techniques, have enabled patients to recover not only much quicker but also recover in the comfort of their own home either the day following surgery or in many cases, the same day. Within hours after surgery, patients will be introduced to their post operative Physical Therapist who will demonstrate exercises enabling them to get up and move around the same day as their operation. Through extensive studies, ensuring same day mobility has proven to show drastically improved outcomes for patients and their overall recovery time.

Total Knee Replacements

There are three bones that come together to form your knee joint: the Femur (thigh bone), Tibia (shin bone) and Patella (kneecap). Attached to these bones are three primary muscles groups that assist in knee flexion, allowing you to walk, run, and step up and down stairs. These muscles are your quadricep, hamstring, and calf muscles. Lastly, your tendons and ligaments surrounding these structures help to keep the femur, tibia and patella secured within the joint.

Our physicians typically recommend conservative treatment options such as physical therapy, steroid injections, and weight loss prior to discussing surgical options. However, if all conservative options have been exhausted, your physician will discuss surgical treatment options such as a partial or total knee replacement. Once you and your physician have decided to move forward with surgery, your physician may elect to use traditional Knee Replacement techniques or Mako Robotic Assistance navigation software to customize your knee replacement implants specific to your individual anatomy. This customization process allows for a seamless implant fitting once in the operating room.

Total Hip Replacements

There are many conditions that can arise within the hip joint. Most commonly, patients complain of symptoms associated with bursitis, tendinitis, muscle strains, labral tears, and arthritis. Dependent on the severity of your symptoms, conservative treatment options may be recommended, with surgery as the last option. Our Joint Replacement surgeons specialize in both traditional Hip Replacement techniques as well as Robotic Assisted Hip Replacements.

Robotic-Assisted Minimally
Invasive Surgery: MAKO

Mako Robotic-Assisted Navigation has shown significant improvement in replacement longevity and overall patient outcomes for those patients who qualify for these procedures.

Did you know the average Total Joint Replacement can now last you over 20 years compared to the estimated 10-15 years in early 2000s?

Call us today at 719-632-7669 to learn how we can help you live a sustained pain free life.

Mako Robotic Joint Replacement Systems utilized for Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement

“From the onset of being treated within this group, I have been treated with the upmost respect and feel very fortunate to be a patient there. The entire staff is great. And I could not have asked for one of the best doctors there.” – patient of Dr. Tyler Bron

Complex Total Joint Revisions

In some cases, due to a variety of reasons, a Total Joint Replacement can fail. Some common reasons a failure may occur are normal wear and loosening of the joint while some causes may be due to infection within the joint. If this occurs, our Total Joint Replacement Specialists will assess and recommend revision procedures specific to your case.

Call us today at 719-632-7669.

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Meet Our Providers

Dr. Tyler Bron, MD Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

Tyler R. Bron, MD

Dr. Bron has completed a fellowship in Adult Reconstruction, specializing in the treatment of arthritic hip and knee conditions.

Dr. Eric Jepson, DO Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

Eric K. Jepson, DO

As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jepson’s specializes in the treatment of complex knee and hip problems, revision surgery, and new procedures for the treatment of arthritis.

Dr Michael Van Manen, DO Orthopaedic Surgeon Joint Replacement Specialist Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

Michael Van Manen, DO

Dr. Van Manen focuses on total joint replacement and arthritis management of the hip and knee.

Dr. Michael Feign, DO Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

Michael Feign, DO

As a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Feign specializes in the treatment of complex hip and knee injuries, hip and knee arthritis and Total Joint Replacements.

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