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July 10, 2021

General Orthopedics at CSOG

by Admin in Healthy Living

General Orthopedics at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, our physicians specialize in General Orthopedics and are trained to thoroughly assess a wide variety of bone conditions. These conditions range from head to toe and are conditions that may have affected surrounding structures within the joints, such as muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

As one of our patients, you can expect to have very detailed and thorough discussions with your physician regarding your diagnosis and treatment options available to fit your general orthopedic needs. Our providers share information in easy to understand terms and actively encourage you to participate in your treatment’s decision-making process. Your care is about you and we want you to feel comfortable with the decisions made to help you get back to your pain-free lifestyle.

The most common General Orthopedics disorders and diseases include:

  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Bursitis and tendonitis
  • Ligament and tendon tears
  • Cartilage Tears

Many injuries or conditions can be resolved with non-surgical treatment options such as physical or occupational therapy, cortisone injections, viscosupplementation, or PRP therapy. However, if you and your doctor determine that surgery is the best treatment option, our surgeons specialize in a number of minimally invasive procedures proven to accelerate the recovery process.


Arthroscopic procedures allow the surgeon to operate through smaller incisions with use of a miniature camera, also known as a scope, which enables the surgeon to view the joint with great detail while preserving the surrounding tissues, such as muscles and tendons. Arthroscopy has shown a number of recovery and longevity benefits compared to traditional surgical methods such as:

  • Smaller incisions enabling the surgeon to cut through less surrounding tissues, decreasing the chance for severe scarring.
  • Accelerate the recovery process as the surrounding musculature is not damaged to such great extents
  • Shorter recovery period
  • Decreased risk of infection

As with any procedures, candidacy for an arthroscopic procedure may vary dependent upon the severity of the injury and the patients overall health status. Discuss with your physician to see if arthroscopy is the best treatment option for you.

Call us at 719-632-7669 to schedule your initial consultation.

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