The Great Inflatable Race

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The Great Inflatable Race is a fun run with inflatable obstacles spread throughout the running course. You and your friends will feel like kids again as you jump, dive and bounce on our custom-designed inflatables. Get fit, support a good cause and create epic memories that will last you a lifetime! So what are you waiting for? Join us for The Bounciest Fun Run on Earth!

2019 Spartan Race at Fort Carson

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There’s nothing mediocre about this middle distance race. The Spartan Super offers the ideal blend between distance and speed. Offering racers a true athletic test. If you consider yourself a more seasoned athlete determined to push beyond excuses, you just might have the mettle for a Spartan Super. Serving up 25 obstacles and 8 mi / 13 km of rugged terrain, the Spartan Super spares no one. Developed as the second race in the Spartan Trifecta, the Super is where you prove to yourself you’ve got everything it takes to face the Beast.

Big Dog Brag Mud Run

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The 5k course is doable by anyone at any fitness level but will challenge even the rugged, the tough, the spartan and the warriors of the world. We invite you to experience a unique 5k course with 25 obstacles built into the natural terrain of Colorado. This course includes a dozen creative mud pits designed to get you as muddy as possible. You can skip any obstacles you like, stop and cheer your fellow mud mates or challenge yourself to complete the course without stopping. Run it, jog it, walk it or a combination of all three. Wherever you are on your fitness journey is exactly where you participate in the BIGDOGBRAG! We are excited to have you join the MUDDY MADNESS!!