Here at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, we want patients to have a positive surgical experience and obtain the best outcome possible. That’s why we use OrthoPath, a program to better prepare patients for their surgical procedure. OrthoPath is designed specifically to help patients gain a better understanding of their care and to facilitate communication before, during, and following surgery.

The customized treatment plan assists patients, their family members, and their care providers in navigating the complexities of the recovery phase and rehabilitation after operation. OrthoPath also provides patients with valuable resources to help manage expected and unexpected issues affecting recovery.

We have a designated nurse case manager that is part of the healthcare team that will help patients navigate through this process and track care.

What is OrthoPath?

OrthoPath is a Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group initiative created to support a Medicare program that seeks to provide you with better care by increasing communication and collaboration between every provider involved in your recovery process.

How does OrthoPath benefit you?

OrthoPath benefits you in several important ways. It connects your healthcare providers with you in your recovery process and allows them to view your progress and anticipated milestones.

It also engages you, as well as key family members or friends, in your recovery process to provide clearer and more accurate information.

The diagram below shows the four main stages of OrthoPath:


How does OrthoPath work?

To better meet the goals of OrthoPath, Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group has created a web-based application that will allow your care team – including transitional care units, home health agencies, and outpatient physical therapy providers – to be better connected. This ensures enhanced collaboration among all involved in your recovery process, with the goal of improving your recovery experience.

Questions? Call us at (719) 632-7669 and we would be happy to discuss our unique OrthoPath process with you.

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