Foot & Ankle

When foot and ankle conditions cause pain, slow you down or hold you back from what you want to do, Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group has the experts to help.

Our foot and ankle specialists have advanced training in foot and ankle problems to handle the broad range of conditions and injuries that can occur throughout life, from young children and teens to active adults and seniors. They perform hundreds of foot and ankle operations each year, and treat even more ailments non-surgically.

The most common conditions and procedures for foot/ankle injuries include:

Foot & Ankle Conditions


In addition to board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians, our foot and ankle patients have access to and the support of trained orthotists and prosthetists that can design, fabricate, and custom fit a wide variety of therapeutic devices, such as inserts, braces, and shoes. These custom solutions can correct foot and ankle imbalances and provide the stability you need to get back in action.

We also offer physical therapy to help strengthen your foot or ankle after an injury or surgery. Our therapists will work alongside your doctor to create a care plan that’s tailored for your specific needs and goals.

Let us work with you to discuss treatment options and develop a plan that you are comfortable with so you are up and running in no time. For comprehensive care, call our Colorado Springs foot and ankle specialists at (719) 632-7669 or use our online form to request an appointment.

Brad Dresher, MD

Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group